The Parker Approach is about daily functional movement and exercise.

You can have ease of motion, and more energy getting out of bed.
It will be easier getting off the floor after playing with your grandchildren,
and you will enjoy a pain free tennis game.

Sound good? You’re going to want to see me.

David Parker has worked with a broad range of clientele from Olympic and professional athletes to Oscar-winning actors. That’s cool and noteworthy, however, his regular clientele are business people who drive a desk all day, weekend warrior athletes, and retired folks. His clients now range from those going to hike through the Swiss Alps or riding bikes through Burgundy to stroke patients working to regain as much mobility and function as they can.

The Parker Approach addresses muscular pain and dysfunction, those nagging injuries and pains that have gone unresolved. Actively listening to the client’s history, including, sports, hobbies, regular work and home life habits helps us discern the nature, severity, and the length of injury. We frequently see clients whose primary complaint is actually compensation for a previous injury.
“My hip has been driving me crazy recently, and I contacted David earlier this week and met with him on Zoom. He gave me a collection of stretches to treat my individual injury. I felt better immediately. Highly recommend!” – Gretchen (47 years old), Oakland, California
David Parker

phone: 510.823.5672

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