The Parker Approach - flexibility exercises and strength training
David Parker - flexibility & strength training

Welcome (back) to your body.

The Parker Approach uses flexibility and strength exercises to rebalance for increased movement and mobility in everyday life.

Online Workouts

David teaches weekly classes every day, Monday through Saturday. All you need is a computer or a mobile device – and a decent internet connection – and you can join him for any of these LIVE online classes.

Work out at home with personalized instruction from David Parker
Anatomy of a healthy body

Working with real anatomy

Most people look at the body as a skeleton clothed in muscle. David looks at it from the fact that the bones are relatively inert, providing lever arms around joints while it is muscle that actually does the work of movement and stabilization. You cannot simply stack the bones on top of one another and expect a skeleton to stand erect.

Private Consultation

David is available to discuss your muscular pain and dysfunction, flexibility, and will plan your personal restorative exercise program.

Private Consultations with David Parker

“I’m impressed at how well you understand the body,
because I could move in ways I couldn’t before our session.”

Jonathan (28 years old), Austin Texas

“Your vast knowledge of how all the muscles work together fixed what I was calling ‘sciatica’ all these years. I can’t thank you enough.”

Susan (35 years old), Boston Masschusetts